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Brooklyn Tweed Hat Patterns

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Brooklyn Tweed is known for creating high-quality patterns for the modern hand knitter with a focus on process, wearable style and attention to detail--and their hat patterns are great unisex options!

Ardenwald: a cabled beanie using 2 skeins of Arbor

Skipp: a brioche hat using 2 skeins of Loft

Hatch: multi-rib beanie & watchcap using 2 skeins of Arbor

Skiff: Cabled beanie (watchcap) using 2(3) skeins of Shelter

Ribsy: textured beanie using 1(2) skeins of Peerie (depending on amount of slouch)

Cloudline Hat: a classic knitted cap and great first hat project using 2 contrasting skeins of Peerie