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Brooklyn Tweed Ranch 02 Forbes

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Ranch 02: Forbes is the newest release in BT's line of ranch- and breed-specific wool yarns. This limited edition yarn originated from 100% American Rambouillet sheep on the Forbes Ranch near Kaycee, Wyoming where the Forbes family has lived and ranched for three generations.

We love pairing Ranch 02 with Noro Kureyon for a gorgeous Spark Cardi from Andrea Mowry!

100% American Rambouillet Wool | 21.0 microns
3-ply worsted weight | woolen-spun
102 yards (93 meters) | approx. 50 grams

100% American supply chain:
Sourced from the Forbes Ranch near Kaycee, Wyoming
Spun by Crescent Woolen Mills in Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Dyed by Caledonian Dye Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania