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Cocoknits Sweater Care Kits

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You’ve spent countless hours (and $$) making a beautiful item, you have to give it some TLC to keep it looking great. Cocoknits narrowed sweater care  down to a few simple tools and gathered them into a jute storage bag so every single thing you need to care for your fine hand- (or store-bought) knits, is in one place when you need it!

Kits include:
  • 2 fine mesh zippered laundry bags
  • 1 large absorbent towel
  • 1 super-absorbent grid towel with inch and centimeter measurements along the sides
  • 1 mesh pop-up dryer
  • 1 bottle of unscented Eucalan
  • 1 sturdy jute bag to store everything!
Hint: if you knit mostly shawls or scarves, the Knitters Block kits are probably best for you.