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Jul Filigree Monarch Penannular Brooch

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The Filigree Monarch Penannular Brooch is part of Jul's pollinator series, their  effort to celebrate the majestic beauty of Monarch butterflies and to raise awareness of the threats Monarchs face.

Monarch butterflies are endangered. While the butterflies pollinate many flower species during their nectar foraging, Monarch caterpillars only eat Milkweed and in the United States we have lost 860 million Milkweed stems in the last decade. So please consider planting Milkweed in your gardens to support Monarch populations!  For more information about how to help in the effort to maintain Monarch populations and help them return to healthy levels, please go to

Handmade fair trade in Indonesia of white brass & brass

Total width: 2 inches; weight (excluding stick): 2 inches; stick length (including butterfly ornament): 3.25 inches; total weight: .6 ounces