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Knit Lits Technicolor Shopper Kits

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Get ready for farmer's market & pool seasons with the latest Knit Lits quarterly installment!

PetiteKnit's Technicolor Shopper is a generously sized bag knit holding together three strands of nonsuperwash DK yarn. The resulting fabric is sturdy enough for all your market produce and the bag's ample size can accommodate multiple beach towels and pool paraphernalia.

Worked from the bottom up in a slipped stitch pattern, the Technicolor Shopper features four colors of nonsuperwash wool knitted in a gradual fade created by swapping out the various held strands. You can follow the provided fade recipe or use it as a guide to knit your unique bag--and proudly finish the FO with an Unwind Fiber Arts custom tag created just for us by Katrinkles!

Kits include 18 balls of Sandnes Garn Double Sunday (nonsuperwash DK weight, 118yds/108m, 50 g), distributed between four colors, and one custom Unwind Fiber Arts bag tag in a coordinating color; or 10 skeins of The Fibre Co. Lore, (100% Kent Lambswool, 273 yds/250 m, 100g); or 10 skeins of LITLG Highland DK (100% nonsuperwash untreated Highland Wool, 256yds/225m, 100g).

Please note--kits are listed with the main bag color first, the contrast colors in the middle, and the pop stripe color last.

Pattern finished bag dimensions: 19.5" wide x 15.75" tall x 2.75" deep. Can be blocked to larger size; our shop sample is 24" wide x 20" tall x 4.24" deep.

Pattern sold separately here.

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