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Stephen West's Hiberknitting 3 Kits--Aurora Cabin Shawl

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Cast on this shawl with Stephen on December 26 for his 3rd annual Hiberknitalong!


The Aurora Cabin Shawl is part of his Hiberknitting 3 Book; the hard copy is available for preorder here, the e-book is available now on Ravelry

Our kits feature five colors of fingering weight yarn for Stephen's beautiful semi-circular shawl, knit seamlessly from the top center down to the chevron border. Simple sections of stripes and slip stitches alternate between the multi-color slip stitch sections. You only work with one color at a time, resulting in a mesmerizing and elegant pattern. The final chevron section decorates the border and finishes with an I-cord bind off. 

Choose from our selection of LITLG Fine Sock kits, or single ply combinations of MadTosh TML and Moondrake Merino Linen.

LITLG Greens--Shoreline;Connemara Marble; Marshes; Succulent; Hinoki

LITLG Maroons--Thorn; Frosting; Augur; Soda; Moondbow

LITLG Purples--Noble; Kiln; Fizz; Jellyfish; Hinoki

LITLG Oranges--Smoulder; Dreamer; Beachcomber; Tawney; Augur

Mad/Moondrake Golden Neutrals--Ironwood; Pink Salt; Plain Cake; Wild Flower; Toffee

Mad/Moondrake Warm Pinks--Deep Violet; Texas Tulips; Fiddleneck; Mars in Retrograde; Electric Pink Candy

Mad/Moondrake Golden Pinks--Lovegrass; Prickly Pear; Glazed Pecan; Sunday Drive; Geranium

Mad/Moondrake Bright Cools--Elizabeth Taylor; Moonstone; Below Zero; Cardigan; Ceremony

Mad/Moondrake Moody Blues--Navy; Silver Fox; Celadon; Antler; Periwinkle