A yarn boutique in beautiful downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri featuring hand-dyed and luxury yarn and supplies for fiber artists of all skill levels and life stages.

Now open at 207 SE Third Street, Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64063

(In the Licata’s Flowers Building, scroll down for hours and parking information)


Now through October 15th—the Knit Collage Trunk Show!

Come try on wearable works of art created with Knit Collage’s signature vibrant and whimsical yarn, and peruse their fall collection—Yarn Sampler Mini Kits and Dreamland—fun to knit, fun to wear! Hurry in for a big dose of fiber happiness!

Knit Collage Trunk Show & Yarn

Knit Collage Trunk Show & Yarn

Knit Collage Dreamland Yarn

Knit Collage Dreamland Yarn

after returning 100,000 emails…

…and negotiating with five clients and placating one boss and navigating 25 miles of rush hour and walking two dogs and cobbling together one meal from five food groups she brewed one hot cuppa and settled into the chair with two needles and one gorgeous skein and breathed into the rhythm of knit 1, purl 1, knit 1, purl 1, knit 1.…

his gloved hand trembled a bit…

…as he reached for the coffee shop door; he shifted the shopping bag and reached with the other hand to steady his grip and resolve. He wasn’t sure what he was doing here, but some of the guys over at the VFW had been doing it, and his hands needed to be useful again, he needed a tribe again, needed…he nodded to the guys at the table in the corner, ordered his coffee black, no sugar, joined the group. Good to see you, man; he removed his gloves and reached a scarred hand into the shopping bag for the needles and yarn he’d purchased on the way over, ready for something new, ready to get to work….

she chewed her lip…

…and gripped the minivan steering wheel a little tighter. (should I intervene in the argument in the backseat) hey guys, settle down (there’s enough chaos blasting from the news on the radio but don’t kids need to develop problem-solving skills) I will pull over and wait until you can all start using nice words to one another (if it comes to physical blows I’ll pull over—wait, did I actually just hear that?) ok, I guess we’ll just be late to practice (maybe I’ll switch to the spa channel) that’s better, those words sounds much kinder (there’s a good parking spot, I can still watch practice and stay in the car) work hard and have fun, have a great practice. Reaching into the bag in the passenger seat, she sighed as she retrieved a half-crocheted beanie, then stopped to admire the beauty of her stitchcraft before resuming her work, one eye on the hat, the other on the field….

the sweater was all but finished…

…just a bit more on that last sleeve and she could check one more Christmas present off the list. Should she start the new grandbaby’s blanket next or knock out that cashmere hat she planned to give her college daughter? She looked up from the sleeve as the nurse walked into the room—how’s he doing? Quiet now—from her chair next to his hospital bed she could monitor her husband’s labored, ragged breathing. She returned her gaze to the work in her hands, letting her breath match the cadence and click of her needles, willing his breath to do the same….

they sit around the table every Thursday night…

…sipping wine or a cup of tea, trading Tales of Epic Knitting Failures and Anecdotes of Boss/Spouse/Kid Antics, offering advice on challenging patterns, commiserating about mistakes, admiring one another’s finished objects, sharing time, creating beauty.…



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday: 10am-5:00pm

Thursday: 10am-7pm (Knit Night Happy Hour!)

Saturday: 10am-4:00pm

Closed Sunday


Limited parking is available behind the building during business hours. Please also feel free to take advantage of the public parking lot next to Third Street Social on 3rd Street, or the parking garage adjacent to city hall on Green Street, both within easy walking distance of our building. Parking is free on downtown Lee’s Summit streets all day on Saturday and Sunday. Please be respectful of our business neighbors and refrain from parking in the lots at New Day Day Spa and Red Racks Thrift Store. Thank you!