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Cocoknits Kraft Caddy

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We are always looking for attractive ways to contain and organize our stuff, from knitting tools left behind wherever we were last knitting to little office supplies scattered around the computer and everyday travel items that get lost at the bottom of a tote or backpack. Cocoknits Kraft Caddies to the rescue! The washable kraft fabric (also used for their Accessory Roll and Project Portfolio) is the perfect material for these multipurpose caddies--stiff enough to sit upright but also washable (ever spilled a cup of coffee or glass of wine into a tote bag? Uh, we haven't either....) The Kraft Caddies feature multiple pockets on the inside and the outside because in knitting and life you can never have too pockets. The center is wide open for bigger items like knitting projects, lunch and a water bottle, or a rolled-up sweater for travel, and the whole thing fits right down inside a tote. Keep it on a shelf or desk as a storage bin without handles, or add the short, wide leather handles (sold separately) so you can grab it and go.