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Cocoknits Makers Keep Wrist Band

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One of the many advantages to knitting is that you can take it with you everywhere! And, in the process, lose little knitting notions everywhere....Julie from Cocoknits wanted a way to contain all the knitting tools while traveling – so she came up with the Maker’s Keep magnetic bracelet. It is a slap-bracelet so it fits everyone (one size truly fits all here). You can wear it or simply drop it in your knitting tool bag to keep all the tools together – or even unfurl it and push the magnet to one end to use it as a straight edge while reading down a pattern. And, ummm, we know from experience it's a great tool to pick up all your Cocoknits stitch markers you just knocked off the side table and all over your living room rug....

Like nearly all the Cocoknits tools, the Makers' Keep is multi-functional--it's also great for sewists looking for something to hold all those pins. But you can use it your paper clips, hairpins, nails and screws--even for fly fishing!