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Emma's Yarn LYS Day 2023 Shawl Bundles

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Emma's Yarn came up with the perfect LYS DAY 2023 combination--two skeins of their Super Silky bundled together in perfect color combinations. Some are classic, best-selling combos and some feature not-yet-released colorways from their 2022 Smalliday Set! 

These bundles are great for Casapinka's 2023 LYS Day shawl design, Kitation, as well as her Hug Shot, Breathe & Hope, and Local Yarn Shawl. You can also use them for Laura Dobratz' Lazy Hiker and Soundwaves;  Cally Monster’s 4-ever in Blue Jeans, Peace and Hoppiness; Lindsey Stephen's crocheted Two-Color Shawl; and SO MANY MORE! 

Bundles include two skeins of Emma's Yarn Super Silky; fingering weight; 80% superwash merino/20% silk; 400 yds/100g.

All referenced patterns available separately on Ravelry.