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Unwind Knit Lits Swag Bag

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Introducing the Unwind Knit Lits K/CAL Book Club!

We all love a good Knit Along (KAL)/Crochet Along (CAL), and you know how much we love to share and discuss our favorite books—so we thought, why not combine the two?!

Unwind Knit Lits aims to provide a fun knitting/crochet project that may challenge you to learn something new—a new stitch pattern, history of a design, study in color, etc.—combined with an engaging book choice—maybe something humorous, mysterious, or educational.

And each quarter we will host an in-person and virtual Wrap-Up/Launch Party to introduce the new book and projects and to wrap up those just completed. Our first quarter will begin in June with a wrap up the end of August, when we’ll also introduce the next book and projects (already in the works, we’re so excited!)

The ultimate goal is to combine the making and reading along with some socializing to take us beyond our daily tasks and stresses.

Book will be available on Amazon but we encourage you to purchase through your favorite independent bookseller whenever possible. Additionally, we are making an effort to choose books that are available in audio version for those who enjoy working on projects while listening to audiobooks; those Audible downloads will be available via Amazon.

AND—what great book club doesn’t include merch??

Knit Lit Swag Bags have plenty of room for your WIPs and books and will identify you as a member of this super fun club—plus they’ll include some additional goodies like:

  • a branded notions kit
  • a bookmark
  • Unwind stitch markers
  • and more!