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Wool & Pine Books

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Abbye Dahl and Selena Shepard aka @abbyeknits and @dankfiber, respectively, on Instagram are the knitwear design duo better known as Wool & Pine. They have curated special collections of their garment patterns into a beautifully bound softcover editions.
Book One is a beautiful, 8.5 x 11" bound collection of the first six garments from Wool & Pine--Sorrel, Scotch Broom, Summer Sorrel, Wild Wind, Criterion & Broadleaf.
Book Two features Peperomia, Spring Sorrel, Gambit Cardi, Plumeria, Sea Glass Tee, and Shearwater.
2021 Minis include the child-sized versions, newborn-12 years old, of Seaglass, Shearwater, Plumeria, Criterion, Sorrel, Broadleaf, and Peperomia.
The soft cover and binding allow the books to lay flat when open, creating the perfect knitting workbook. Each of the size inclusive patterns include written and charted directions alongside glorious high quality color photos, a digital Ravelry download code, and passwords to video tutorials for all the techniques.